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It’s time for Plan B

Before entering the crypto market, you must be educated

The crypto market is very risky and dangerous for people who enter this market without knowledge.


Important topics to learn about the crypto market

The educational topics of the online classes and courses and the courses available in the Arzmodern application are :

Basic of Crypto

Introductory and basic documents for a complete understanding of crypto 

Earning income

Teaching various methods of earning income from the cryptocurrency market

Important security tips

Training very important tips to protect your asset and stay away from scams


online , offline  and App courses

For the convenience of training, the courses are held both face-to-face in the classroom and online as well as by Arzmodern application.

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Training courses have been held since 2017, and many audiences in the country and even abroad have used our training app and improved their crypto knowledge.

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Every month face-to-face classes are taught by experienced and professional teachers

USb Flash

You can Buy and get the USB flash version for use easily on your PC or laptop

Online Courses

For the convenience of users, the courses are also taught online by Crypto teachers

Crypto training courses are also offered on USB flash

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